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Gore Virginia

Don’t know anything about this place in Gore Virginia.

You can see it from the main rd so we just grabbed the photo.

Judging from the courses in the brick it appears to be mid to early 1800’s construction.

The left side may have been an addition at some time.

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The Portner Estate, Manassas Virginia

I grew up near this grand estate in my hometown.

At one time it was used as a home for the sick elderly and had wing additions on both sides.

The last I heard was that The City of Manassas wanted to used it as a museum but the bill for the A/C renovation was more than they wanted to spend.

And so there it sits as people pass it by everyday.

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Historic High School, Central Virginia

School’s Out

This historic high school in Central Virginia was built in 1910 and this auditorium was added in 1920. It’s privately owned now and on The National Historic Register but the owner is not receiving any financial help for upkeep. I visit it about once a year to document the progression of decay. For privacy I will not disclose the name of the school or the owners name. Abandoned places are very fragile and I do not want my work contributing to their demise with hoards of people just showing up here.


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