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Abandoned Richmond, Virginia 11-5-2017 French Hay Plantation

I don’t know anything about this property other than to guess based on the nearby road that this was a farm property.

Since photographing it I’ve learned that the house was relocated because of a new road going in and then it was left abandoned.

This might explain the closeness of the cemetery to the house.


French Hay Plantation
During the American Revolution the Marquis de Lafayette once had his headquarters on the Sumpter estate. When he returned to France he sent back some hay seed which produced a splendid crop. Neighbors came to get seed, and began to call the place French Hay. The plantation is gone, a victim of development. A Home Depot Store is there now.
Then and Now
The house has been moved and abandoned

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Julius Rosenwald School, Reedville Virginia

Originally known as Northumberland County Training School, this institution opened in 1917, under principal John M. Ellison. Local African Americans raised more than $7,000 to build the school and received additional funding from the Rosenwald Fund. Julius Rosenwald, chairman of the board of directors of Sears Roebuck and Co., created this fund in 1917 to finance the building of rural southern schools for blacks. Some 5,000 Rosenwald schools were built in 15 states, including 308 in Virginia. On 12 Nov. 1932, under its principal the Reverend Dr. Henry M. Ruffin, the school was renamed the Julius Rosenwald High School. It closed in 1958. There was a corner cupola on the far corner that is now gone.


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